The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth

(This section contains eight articles—the last of Sri Aurobindo's prose writtings—, and the talks given by the Mother to the students, teachers and sadhaks of the Ashram in her "Wednesday classess" on the above said articles. Sri Aurobindo wrote these articles specially for the Bulletin of Physical Education, later called the Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education.)

A new consciousness is at work upon earth to prepare the coming of the superheman being.
Open yourself to this consciousness if you aspire to serve the Divine Work.
To come into contact with this new consciousness, the essential condition is no longer to have any desires and to be wholly sincere.

- The Mother


To leap into the new consciousness, the first condition is a mental modesty sufficient to be convinced that all one thinks one knows is nothingnin comparison with whaat remains to be learned.

All that one has learned externally must be only a foohold enabling one to rise towards higher knowledge.

- The Mother


Two irrefutable signs prove that one is in relation with the supramental:

1. a peerfect and constant equality,
2. an absolute certainty in the knowledge.

To be perfect, the equality must be invariably and spontaneous, effortless, towards all circumstances, all happenings, all contacts, material or psychological, irrespective of their character and impact.

The absolute and insisputable certainty of an infallible knowledge through identity.

- The Mother

The Golden Day

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I cherish God the fire, not God the Dream. - Sri Aurobindo