There are several roofing options that are made available when it comes to residential and commercial areas and some of these have both pros and cons. The options include green, meta, shingles, and flat roof. Among these options, the flat roof has been growing in popularity because of several reasons.

We interviewed some of the popular local roofers including roofers Palm Bay and they shared with us why flat roofs are more advantageous in certain conditions compared to other roofing materials, and they provided us with the following information.

This might sound new, but flat roofs have been used since ancient times and now, still continue to be on the trend when it comes roofing installation. The following are the benefits of a flat roof:

  • It has more square footage that enables your house to accommodate different equipment such as air conditioning vents, exhausts, and others. In addition, because a flat roof’s surface is level, it can also provide stability and carry heavy items while doing the operation.
  • You will have easier access to your roof. In fact, this is the topmost reason why this kind of roofing is popular. Because of its flat surface, you can climb it easier and walk on it more comfortable when doing some repairs, cleaning, remodeling. This makes this roof safer and more accessible.
  • These roofs can also be used to make some roof decks because of its flat surface that is ideal for flooring. There are two advantages of remodeling your roof into a deck: First, it will provide more entertainment, and second, it could protect your roof from damages.
  • These roofs are also durable and long-lasting. Flat roofs are able to last long at least 30 years, which is longer compared to other kinds of materials
  • These roofs are also less expensive compared to pitched roofs and demand fewer costs to be installed. What is more, re-coating a flat roof or repairing it is also cheaper.

These benefits do not just cater to residential needs and demands as these also apply to commercial buildings such as warehouses, shopping malls, condos, department stores, and others. The easy access, utilizable surface, and its longevity are very ideal for commercial purposes. They can also be used to make green roofs.

Although there are several benefits that these roofs have, there are also drawbacks that you may encounter. The following are the warnings and considerations you need to consider:

  • You need to hire a professional and skilled roofer in order for you to achieve all the benefits that flat roofs provide
  • Because it is flat, proper drainage needs to be installed and/or provided to prevent rainwater to pool on the roof. A roof that does not have at least 10% slope will be susceptible to pooling
  • Know the different weather conditions in your area and ensure that your flat roof is able to withstand strong winds and high pressure.

There are many things that you need to consider when you are planning on removing and replacing your roof. Besides the design options, you also need to take into consideration the needs and demands of the area as well as your preferences. Flat roofs are advantageous provides that you do the necessary preparations.