Life and Death

Life, death,—death, life; the words have led for ages
Our thought and consciousness and firmly seemed
Two opposites; but now long-hidden pages
Are opened, liberating truths undreamed.
Life only is, or death is life disguised,—
Life a short death until by life we are surprised.

- Sri Aurobindo


Even if Science,—physical Science or occult Science,—were to discover the necessary conditions or means for an indefinite survival of the body, still, if the body could not adapt itself so as to become a fit instrument of expression for the inner growth, the soul would find some way to abandon it and pass on to a new incarnation. The material or physical causes of death are not its sole or its true cause; its true inmost reason is the spiritual necessity for the evolution of a new being.

- Sri Aurobindo


If you wish to escape from death, you must not bind yourself to anything perishable.
One can conquer that alone which one fears not, and he who fears death has already been vanquished by death.

- The Mother

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