Some Letters of The Mother

Sweet Mother,
How can one distinguish a dream from an experience?

In a general way, a dream leaves a confused and fleeting impression, whereas an experience awakens a deep and lasting feeling.

But the shades of difference are subtle and many, and it is by a very attentive and sincere observation (that is to say, free from bias and preference) that one gradually learns to discern the one from the other.

- 24 March 1965


Does the subconscient go on recording during sleep?

For most people, in their sleep, it is precisely what has been recorded in the subconscient during the day or previously which becomes active again and constitutes their dreams.

- 26 October 1968


Sweet Mother,
How can one distinguish between good and evil in a dream?

In principle, to judge the activities of sleep one needs the same capacity of discrimination as to judge the waking activities.

But since we usually give the name "dream" to a considerable number of activities that differ completely from one another, the first point is to learn to distinguish between these various activities—that is, to recognise what part of the being it is that "dreams", what domain it is that one "dreams" in, and what the nature of that activity is. In his letters, Sri Aurobindo has given very complete and detailed descriptions and explanations of all the activities of sleep. Reading these letters is a good introduction to the study of this subject and to its practical application

- 2 November 1959


Sweet Mother,
When we sleep, our consciousness goes out, doesn't it? But other people have dreams in which I appear. So what happens? Does the consciousness divide itself or are other people's dreams only their own imagination?

Most often, it is the vital consciousness that goes out of the body and has the form, the appearance of the person's body. If one person dreams of another, it means that both have met at night, most often in the vital region, but it can also happen elsewhere, in the subtle physical or the mental. There are any number of different possibilities in dreams.

- 1 August 1969


Sweet Mother,
Why is the night darker just before dawn—from the scientific as well as the spiritual point of view?

Because the darkness tries to prevent the light from coming.

- 11 August 1969


Sweet Mother,
Why are the hours before midnight better for sleep than the hours after it?

Because, symbolically, during the hours before midnight the sun is setting, while from the first hour after midnight it begins to rise.

- 22 August 1969


Sweet Mother,
Is it possible to have control over oneself during sleep? For example, if I want to see you in my dreams, can I do it at will?

Control during sleep is entirely possible and it is progressive if you persist in the effort. You begin by remembering your dreams, then gradually you remain more and more conscious during your sleep, and not only can you control your dreams but you can guide and organise your activities during sleep.

If you persist in your will and your effort, you are sure to learn how to come and find me at night during your sleep and afterwards to remember what has happened.

For this, two things are necessary, which you must develop by aspiration and by calm and persistent effort.

1. Concentrate your thought on the will to come and find me; then pursue this thought, first by an effort of imagination, afterwards in a tangible and increasingly real way, until you are in my presence.
2. Establish a sort of bridge between the waking and the sleeping consciousness, so that when you wake up you remember what has happened.

It may be that you succeed immediately, but more often it takes a certain time and you must persist in the effort.

- 25 September 1959


Sweet Mother,
There was a time when I used to see You often in my dreams and sometimes I even saw Sri Aurobindo too. But I haven't enjoyed this happiness for a long time. Why? What does it mean?

The best way of seeing us in your dreams is to concentrate on us before going to sleep. Do you do this now as you used to before? This is also the way to avoid going to undesirable places during your sleep, for in those places you are sure not to meet us. Try, and you will see the result.

- 23 March 1966


How can one hasten the day when the whole being will be able to say,"I am Yours—Yours alone"?

There are two actions which in practice merge into one.

1. Never forget the goal that one wants to attain.
2. Never allow any part of the being or any of its movements to contradict one's aspiration.

This also makes it necessary to become conscious of one's nights, because the activities of the night often contradict the aspiration of the day and undo its work.
Vigilance, sincerity, continuity of effort, and the Grace will do the rest.

- 20 May 1968


Sweet Mother,
At times I talk in my sleep. It is a sign that the mind lacks control, isn't it? So what should I do to keep it quiet at night?

Generally when the body is asleep at night, the mind goes out because it is difficult for it to remain quiet for a long time; and that is why most people do not talk.

But your mind seems to remain in your body, so you must ask it to remain perfectly quiet and silent so that your body can rest properly. A little concentration for that, before going to sleep, will surely be effective.

- 29 November 1969


Sweet Mother,
When the body is asleep, is it better for the mind to go out of the body? Where does the mind go?

The possibilities are different for each person: there are as many cases as there are persons. But each one can learn which conditions are best for his rest.

You can become conscious of your nights and your sleep just as you are conscious of your days. It is a matter of inner development and discipline of the consciousness.

- 1 December 1969


Sweet Mother,
What do You mean by "becoming conscious"? Is becoming conscious of the Divine Presence in oneself the only thing or does becoming conscious of one's movements, of one's speech, etc. also count?

You may be sure that becoming conscious of the Divine Presence in oneself considerably changes one's whole way of being and gives an exceptional control over all activities, mental, vital and physical.

And this control is infinitely more powerful and luminous than anything one can obtain through external means.

- 9 December 1969


Sweet Mother,
I have noticed one thing: When I sit for a few minutes and make an effort to concentrate before going to sleep, the next day I wake up quite early and am quite fresh. I concentrate on the tiny luminous tip of an incense-stick. But how is it that I wake up early because of that? There is no relation between these two things!

On the contrary, there is a very concrete relation. When you concentrate before sleeping, then in your sleep you remain in contact with the Divine force; but when you fall heavily to sleep without any preliminary concentration, you sink into the inconscient and the sleep is more tiring than restful, and it is difficult to come out of this sluggishness.

- 8 October 1961


Sweet Mother,
Why is it better to go to bed early and to get up early?

When the sun sets, a kind of peace descends on earth and this peace is helpful for sleep.
When the sun rises, a vigorous energy descends on earth and this energy is helpful for work.
When you go to bed late and get up late, you contradict the forces of Nature, and that is not very wise.

- 21 December 1969


Mother, last night I had a nightmare and was almost frightened.

One must never be afraid. Even in your sleep you must be able to remember me and call me to your help if there is some danger. You will see that the nightmares will vanish.

- The Mother

He is himself the dreamer and the dream. - Sri Aurobindo