Sadhana for The Earth-Consciousness

My own experience in not limited to a "radiant peace"; I know very well what ecstasy and Ananda are from the brahmãnanda down to the sarirananda, and can experience them at any time. But of these things I prefer to speak only when my work is done - for it is in a transformed consciousness here and not only above where the Ananda always exists that I seek their base of permanence.

I have no intention of achieving the Supermind for myself only - I am not doing anything for myself, neither of salvation (Moksha) nor supramentalisation. If I am seeking after supramentalisation, it is because it is a thing that has to be done for the earth-consciousness and if it is not done in myself, it cannot be done in others. My supramentalisation is only a key for opening the gates of the supramental to the earth-consciousness; done for its own sake, it would be perfectly futile. But it does not follow either that if or when I become supramental, everybody will become supramental. Others can so become who are ready for it, when they are ready for it - though, of course, the achievement in myself will be to them a great help towards it. It is therefore quite legitimate to have the aspiration for it - provided:

1. One does not make a too personal or egoistic affair of it turning it into a Nietzschean     or other ambition to be a superman.

2. One is ready to undergo the conditions and stages needed for the achievement.

3. One is sincere and regards it as part of the seeking of the Divine and consequent culmination of the Divine Will in one and insists on no more than the fulfillment of that will whatever it may be, psychicisation, spiritualization or supramentalisation. It should be regarded as the fulfillment of God's working in the world, not as a personal chance or achievement.

April, 1935
- Sri Aurobindo