Is it true that it is only through the power of absolute sincerity that one can get full transformation and reach the Supramental Truth?

The Mother has said: "If you are not sincere do not begin Yoga." Does this imply that if after entering Yoga a person finds that his sincerity is not complete, he should leave it?
No. It is only if he is fundamentally insincere that he should leave it.

How can a sadhak know whether he is fundamentally insincere?
If he sees that he is full of ego and doing sadhana for the sake of the ego and has no real turning towards the Divine.

Is there no possibility for a sadhak to get rid of his fundamental insincerity?
If the sadhak becomes aware of his insincerity and sincerely wants to get rid of it, he can.

How can a sadhak know whether he growing in sincerity?
By seeing whether he responds to the Divine forces only or still responds to, accepts and harbours the ego-forces and desire-forces.

Is it true that if a sadhak has complete sincerity he can make rapid progress even if his devotion is deficient?
If he is sincere, there is bound to be devotion. Sincerity in Yoga means to respond to the Divine alone and if he has no devotion he cannot do it.

What is the right attitude to stick on this path till the Supramental Truth is realised?
There is the psychic condition and sincerity and devotion the Mother.

Is it a sign of sincerity to confess one's weaknesses and faults to the Divine and to others?
Why to others? One has to confess them to the Divine.

But if one does some wrong to a person, is it not necessary to confess it to him? Is it enough to confess it to the Divine?
If it concerns the other person, then it can be done.

How can the sadhak avoid being misled by the forces of falsehood in their sadhana?
They have to be always sincere—it depends upon that.

How long is it necessary for the sadhaks to live in discipline?
Till they get the realisation at least.

Does this mean that they have to live in discipline till they get the complete realisation?
At any rate a fundamental realisation so that they will no longer seek to act according to their mental fancy or vital ego.

What is meant by "fundamental realisation"? Does it refer to the condition of those sadhaks who are fully surrendered to the Divine and completely transformed?
That is the complete realisation. If they are fully transformed, there in so more sadhana.

What is meant by "mental fancy"?
When the mind follows its own ideas for the pleasure of it and out of attachment to them, not caring for the Truth.

Is it possible for the sadhaks who have not got rid of mental fancy and vital ego to get even a partial realisation?
No, they must be surrendered to the Divine.

Is it sufficient to get rid of mental fancy and vital ego to reach the fundamental realisation?
No. He must surrender and his psychic must be in front and dominate the mind and vital.

- Sri Aurobindo

The Mother's Answers on Sincerity

All can be done if the god-touch is there.  - Sri Aurobindo