Can psychic love reach the Highest Truth by its own power?
Yes, certainly.

How can one know that he has full psychic love for the Divine?
By the absence of ego, By pure devotion, by submission and surrender to the Divine.

Is psychic love always turned towards the Divine?
It is sometimes turned to the human person, but it never gets its true satisfaction till it turns to the Divine.

Is not the psychic love the same as divine Love?
No. There is a human psychic love also marked by selflessness, fidelity and self-giving to a human being.

Can human love if it takes a psychic turn not lead to the divine Love?
One can pass from one to another.

Can divine Love not be expressed through human emotions?
How can divine Love be expressed through human emotions? it becomes then human, not Divine. If you mean there is something corresponding but much greater in divine Love, that may be.

Can one not realise spiritual truth through psychicised human love ?
No—one only gets faint glimpses of something, one does not realise.

Is it not that the motive which leads people to begin Yoga is divine Love?

No—there may be a human love turning towards the Divine. But Yoga begins from many motives, not love alone.

Is there no emotions in divine Love?
There is an intense feeling—there is not men call emotions,—for that is superficial and transient. The intensity of divine Love never creates a disturbance anywhere in the being.

Is emotion an expression of Ananda?
How does emotion express Ananda? Emotion may be one result of a touch of Ananda in the consciousness, but it does not express Ananda. Ananda is itself its own expression.

What is the true way to manifest divine Love?
By a more and more selfless turning to the Divine.

Is it possible to receive divine Love before full transformation?

Is love the only power of the psychic or there are other powers in it?
In the psychic there are plenty of powers—faith, psychic sight, gratitude to the Divine, fire of aspiration and many others.

Is there any "abhimän" in psychic love?
None. Abhimän is sheer egoism.

Is not ordinary human love a shadow of psychic love?
No, certainly not. Ordinary human love is vital, emotional and physical and always egoistic—a form of self-love. The psychic element is very small except in a few.

Can there be any manifestation of psychic love in the physical?
There can be—it must have no taint of sexuality in it.

Is there any psychic love in animals?
Their sexual love is vital-physical—the rest also mostly. Some psychic element does come in the higher kinds.
Some animals have a psychic affection for men.

- Sri Aurobindo

All can be done if the god-touch is there.  - Sri Aurobindo