But is it not true that the personal consciousness of the sadhak is also moved by the Mother and all his actions governed by her?
But if your personal consciousness does wrong things, it is also the Mother who does those wrong things?

But is it not a fact that if a sadhak is not open to the Mother's working in his higher parts, the Mother's works in his lower parts and makes him commit mistakes so that he may learn through the suffering bought by them to turn to her in his higher parts?
The Mother does not make people commit mistakes; it is the Prakriti that makes them do it—if the Purusha does not refuse his consent. The Mother here is not this lower Prakriti, but the Divine Shakti and it is her work to press on this lower Nature to change. You can say that under the pressure, the Prakriti stumbles and is unable to reply perfectly and makes you do wrong movements or does wrong movements in you—if you think that, you are in danger of justifying the movements or their continuance.

But is it not a fact that Prakriti herself comes from the Divine? In that case is she not a power and a portion of the Divine Mother?
Everything comes from the Divine; but the lower Prakriti is the power of the Ignorance—it is not therefore a power of truth, but only of mixed truth and falsehood. The Mother here stands not for the Power of Ignorance, but for the Power that has come down to bring down the Truth out of the Ignorance.

What are the obstacles in the way of giving full assent to the Mother's working in the sadhak's nature?
It is the wrong movements,—self-will, egoism, the vital passions, vanity, personal desire, etc.

Is it true that if a person has true aspiration, the Divine makes him a fit receptacle for His descent in him even if his mind is ignorant and limited?
Yes—only the mind must not be small and narrow—and in love with its narrowness.

What is meant by being in love with the mind's narrowness?
People like to be narrow; they are attached to their own limited ideas, feelings, opinions, preferences and get disturbed, angry or full of doubt if anyone tries to make them think more widely—that is being in love with the mind's narrowness.

Some people say that a scholarly person with a developed intellect progresses in sadhana more rapidly than an uneducated person with an undeveloped intellect even though both have the same intensity of aspiration. Is this true?
There is no such rule. It is better if the mind is strong and developed, but scholarship does not necessarily create a strong and developed mind.

You say that scholarship does not create a strong and developed mind. What creates it then?
It creates itself by the will to know rightly, widely and with a plastic reception of the truth.

Is it necessary for a person with a weak and narrow mind to make effort to make his mind strong and developed in order to receive the Divine Grace or he can leave it to the Grace itself to prepare it for its descent?
It depends on the person. If his weak or narrow mind is coming in the way of his sadhana he can make the attempt to broaden it—if the heart is strong and true or the psychic being active, then he can leave it to the Divine Force to do it in the course of the Yoga.

For the proper education and cultured development of the mind is reading of books not necessary for a sadhak?
It is not by reading books that he can do it—it is by trying to think and see things clearly that it comes. Reading is a quite secondary thing. One may read thousands of books, yet remain narrow and foolish.

Is it true that "satsanga"(company of spiritual persons) creates and increases the aspiration for the Divine?

- Sri Aurobindo
All can be done if the god-touch is there.  - Sri Aurobindo