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The  Mother

Never forget that you are not alone. The Divine is with you helping and guiding you. He is the companion who never fails, the friend whose love comforts and strengthens. The more you feel lonely, the more you are ready to perceive His luminous Presence. Have faith and He will do everything for you.

- 27 September 1951
The Mother

Mother Sri Aurobindo on Education

A single occupation,
a single aim,
a single joy—the Divine.

- The Mother

It is not a hope but a
certitude that the
complete transformation
of the nature will
take place.

- Sri Aurobindo

The Divine does not see things as men do and has no need to punish or reward. Each and every action carries in itself its fruit and its consequences.

According to the nature of the action, it brings you near to the Divine or takes you away from Him, and that is the supreme consequence.

25 July 1970
- The Mother

I have given no right, no responsibility, no authority to any ashramite, to any sadhak to interfere, to change or to try to rectify whatever goes on here around him, or protest against whatever might seem to him wrong or out of place, or however he might be effected by it. The only responsibility that one has is to change one’s own nature, the sole duty one has been entrusted with is to see to one’s own progress only, and nothing else is an one of one’s concern.

This is the first and most important condition that one has to remember constantly if one wants to do one’s sadhana her in Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram.

- The Mother

(Last Set of Five Chapters)

Sri Aurobindo came to tell the world of the beauty of the future that must be realised.

He came to give not a hope but a certitude of the splendour towards which the world move. The world is not an unfortunate accident, it is a marvel which moves towards its expression.

The world needs the certitude of the beauty of the future. And Sri Aurobindo has given that assurance.

- 27 November 1971
The Mother
No human will can finally prevail against the Divine's will.
Let us put ourselves deliberately and exclusively on the side of the Divine and the victory is ultimately certain.
- The Mother

Perennial Light

- Sri Aurobindo


Sri Aurobindo
There is no formal initiation, acceptance is sufficient, but I do not usually accept unless I have seen, or the Mother has seen the person or unless there is a clear sign that he is meant for this yoga. Sometimes those who desire to be disciples have seen me in dream or vision before acceptance.

- Sri Aurobindo

Mother Sri Aurobindo on Conscious

Glory to Thee, O Lord,
conqueror of every foe!
Give us the power
to endure and share in
Thy victory.

- The Mother

He who chooses the infinite has been chosen by the infinite.

- Sri Aurobindo

Mothe Sri Aurobindo on Death

Feeling yourself alone in the midst of human beings is the sign that you have need now to find in your own being contact with the Divine Presence. You must then concentrate in silence and try to enter deep within so that you may discover the Divine Presence in the core of your consciousness, beyond all mental activity.

16 December 1971
- The Mother